A professional development opportunity for Clerks!

Do you want Clerks to Governance Bodies to develop their professional skills?

Do you want your clerks to demonstrate their competence against standards, which are specifically designed for the Clerking role?

Are you interested in a low cost, flexible clerks accreditation process?

If the answer to at least one of these questions is 'yes' and you share our view that the Clerk has a pivotal role in facilitating effective governance then we would like to hear from you!

Hampshire Governor Services, in partnership with ISCG, have established a robust and cost effective Accreditation programme, which has a track record of success. We launched the programme in 2002. Since then 8 partnerships have been developed with other Local Authorities on a not for profit basis. The result - approximately 300 clerks are currently accredited.

We are now able to offer the programme to a wider number of Authorities.

The core principles of the programme include:
  • Competence standards, which are anchored in the role that clerks undertake and supported by relevant guidance.
  • An award accredited by the ISCG which is nationally recognised for its role in supporting excellence in clerking and governance.
  • Assessor training and quality control - including Accreditation status for Assessors to ensure consistency of support and assessment standards.
  • An annual license fee and differentiated charges for briefing, training, assessment and support to meet the needs of small, medium and largeauthorities in a challenging financial climate.
Call for more info on 01483 300280