Exclusions Training Seminars for Independent Appeals and for Governors' Committees

For many years ISCG has trained Independent panels who hear appeals for exclusions. This training is statutory and the regular revisiting of issues is essential for all concerned in this important work which may have such a lasting effect on a child's life.

Governors' Committees
ISCG also trains the delegated governors' committees (sometimes called Governors' Discipline Committees) who hear the head teacher's decision to exclude, and we train their clerks. This training is strongly recommended by the DCSF Exclusion Guidance.

We regularly update our material to take account of the latest Codes, regulations and good practice.

Each programme is carefully planned to suit the needs of the particular participants whether they are experienced or not. We have special group training modules for chairs and for clerks.

Our training philosophy is based on our experience that volunteers such as those who hear exclusion appeals learn best by interactive exercises, structured discussion with experienced colleagues, a variety of case studies and quizzes as well as clear, up-to-date, informed presentations on the law.

A typical programme for a day:
9.50 Welcome and Introduction
10.00 Presentation on the law and recent changes with questions
11.00 Coffee break
11.30 Analysis of an Exclusion Appeal, with structured discussion
12.45 Lunch
2.00 Small group sessions designed to suit the participants' needs, for example, chairing or clerking the hearing and discussing case studies which focus on difficult issues.
3.30 Outstanding questions and points that have arisen.
4.00 Evaluation

'A good balance of presentation and interactive work.'
'Excellent course as usual.'

One Day Courses, up to 6 hours
one tutor with 15 or fewer participants    £500
from 16 to 30 participants with two tutors    £800
Half day courses, maximum 3 hours
one tutor with up to 15 participants    £300
from 16 to 30 participants with two tutors    £550

Larger courses with more participants will be charged pro rata.

We also charge for any additional materials and extra preparation time if this is required, and for travel and expenses at cost. The venue is usually provided by the school or local authority.

ISCG can arrange a day combining Admissions and Exclusions, one in the morning and one after lunch.
Ring or email ISCG to discuss arranging a seminar.
ISCG materials for a whole day's exclusion course are available free on line from the DCSF here.