Training Material by Email

ISCG is constantly writing new training materials or adapting and updating old ones. We are happy to email this training material to anyone who wants to use them for their own in-house training. They would be emailed as an attached word file so they could be adapted and copied to suit your circumstances. The materials are designed for groups working with a facilitator.

The title of the exercise gives an indication of its content but ISCG is happy to discuss its suitability for your requirements. Ring 01483 300280 to discuss your needs with an ISCG facilitator who has used the material.

The exercises are mostly case studies, based on simplified, real appeals with tasks for participants being trained. They are often structured discussion by participants in small groups. Almost all the questions have a suggested answer.

Admission Appeals
Training Material
  1. Appeal Cases for Admission to a Boys Selective School and Appeal Cases for Admission to a mixed Selective School
  2. Chairs' Procedures
  3. Chairs' Questionnaire
  4. Infant Class Size Case Studies
  5. Infant Class Size Decision Tree
  6. Infant Class Size, Is It Really?
  7. Infant Class Size Quiz
  8. Legal cases
  9. Order and Procedure. What can go wrong and who does what?
  10. Parents Cases for a Boys' Selective School
  11. Presenting Officers Is the School Full?
  12. Presenting Officers (Yew Tree Primary School)
  13. Probing for Evidence
  14. Ranking Multiple Appeals Greenways
  15. Ranking Greenways (With Role Play Cards)
  16. Ranking Multiple Appeals at Maine school
  17. Ranking Multiple Appeals in an RC School
  18. Snatches of Dialogue (Exercise for Chairs)
  19. Step by Step through an Appeal
  20. True or False? Quick quiz
  21. What Would You Do? (Snippets to discuss)
£10 for each exercise.
Or £25 for three.

Checklists on Admissions
These are reference materials on the law and good practice. ISCG provides them to everyone at our training sessions. They are mostly one or two sides each and are sold as a packet.
  1. The legal background and guiding principles of admission appeals
  2. Order of the hearing and taking the decision
  3. Has the admission authority proved its case?
  4. Appeals for infant classes
  5. Multiple appeals
  6. The role of the chair
  7. The role of the clerk
  8. The role of the presenting officer
  9. The role of the panel members
  10. Admission Policies
  11. Equality and Human Rights
£20 for the packet of 11 admission checklists.

Demonstrations of Admission Appeals
These are simplified appeals cases which can be 'acted' out by those you are training and then discussed. There is sometimes an initial resistance to such role play but ISCG finds it a very effective way to cover all the aspects and issues of an appeal. The structured discussion afterwards can be quite lively and the participants are usually very engaged. But it needs sensitive facilitating.
  1. Bishop Malcolm Catholic Primary School
  2. Crest Community Secondary School
    (2a Crest school floor plan and map in an adobe file)
  3. Edward Needham Community Primary School
  4. Fordwych Community Secondary (Jenny Jones' appeal) pdf and word
  5. Greenways Community Secondary School
  6. Maine Community Secondary School (Jane Brown's appeal )
  7. Matthews Jack Church VA Secondary School
  8. Shakespeare Secondary Foundation School
  9. Yew Tree Community Primary School
£20 a demonstration

Exclusion Appeals
Checklists on Exclusions
These are reference material on the law and good practice. ISCG provides them for everyone at our training sessions. They are mostly one or two sides each and are sold as a packet.
  1. The Law and Principles of Exclusion Appeals
  2. The Order of the Hearing
  3. Reasons for Exclusions
  4. Evidence and Witnesses
  5. Taking the Decision
  6. Behaviour
  7. Human Rights Act
  8. Equal Opportunities Issues
  9. The Role of the Clerk
  10. The Role of the Chair
  11. The Role of the LA and the School Representative
  12. The Role of the Panel Member
  13. Time Table for Governors' Discipline Committee Clerks
  14. Flow Chart of the Exclusion Process
£20 for the packet of 14 exclusion checklists

Exclusion Appeal Training Exercises
  1. Testing the evidence. Two Case Studies GDC
  2. Demo Charity Brown IAP
  3. Demo Roy Brookes IAP
  4. Eliciting evidence Sec/Prim IAP
  5. Handling Problems GDC and IAP
  6. Legal Questionnaire IAP
  7. Observation sheet for Exclusion Demos
  8. Questions for Primary and Secondary Case Studies IAP
  9. Quiz What do you Know? Behaviour and Exclusion GDC
  10. Quiz True or False? IAP
  11. Secondary Case Studies IAP
  12. The conduct of a governors' hearing
£10 for each training module.
Or £25 for three.

Please ring 01483 300280 to discuss your needs with an ISCG facilitator who has used the material.

ISCG materials for a whole day's exclusion course are available free on line from the DCSF here.