The Soundings Panel

ISCG set up our Soundings Panel in 1993 to test the views of a representative sample of governors from every region, every type of school and every kind of governor. We have analysed responses on subjects ranging from SIPs, Extended Schools, and Trust Schools to the reorganisation of governing bodies.

Once a term we send out a questionnaire to panel members along with a report on the previous survey. The responses are analysed according to type of school, governor and area. Sometimes there are wide variations, sometimes there is a consensus. The results, with the extra comments so many panel members include, are always fascinating, and provide a useful foundation for research. The government used the soundings panel to consult governors on their CD version of the Guide to the Law.

It is clear that membership of the Panel helps to make governors feel less isolated in their own schools. Click here for an application form to join the panel.

If you would be interested, please fill in the Soundings Panel Application form above and return it to ISCG. Our sample of governors has to be demographically correct, but because we are expanding we hope to be able to enrol most of those who reply. It costs you nothing but your time.

ISCG gives an assurance that neither individual panel members nor their schools are ever identified, and the names and addresses of panel members are not revealed to anyone outside ISCG, nor used for other purposes.