Training Seminars for Governors
  • explain the law including recent changes
  • explore the responsibilities of governing bodies
  • enable governors to work effectively together
  • help governors to raise standards in their schools
  • practise the skills needed to take informed and fair decisions
ISCG specialises in work with individual governing bodies tailoring the seminar to their needs. We work with all types of schools, LAs and voluntary organisations and with companies who want to support their governor employees.

Our tutors are experienced governors who know how the education system works and how schools operate. They see things from the governors' point of view and can offer disinterested advice.

The philosophy of teaching and learning with volunteers such as school governors adopted by ISCG rests on three carefully thought out and thoroughly tested beliefs:
  1. Adults take in information best through interactive, guided discussion, supported by clear and concise handouts
  2. They learn to understand the importance of correct procedures and motivations best through real case studies
  3. The more everyone participates, the more they learn from one another as well as from their tutors.
Recent seminars have focused on
  • governors, who they are and what they do, an introduction to governing
  • governors as partners in curriculum change
  • special needs
  • the role of performance management in school improvement
  • exclusion committees
  • working with parents
  • Ofsted inspection arrangements
  • governors' role in the Ofsted self-evaluation form
  • Every Child Matters - Implications for school governors
We are happy to facilitate a seminar to suit a particular governing body's situation or individual advice for governors.

We can provide consultancy advice over a suitable period.

One Day Courses, up to 6 hours
one tutor with 15 or fewer participants    £500
from 16 to 30 participants with two tutors    £800
Half day courses, maximum 3 hours
one tutor with up to 15 participants    £300
from 16 to 30 participants with two tutors    £550

Evening courses are offered at the half day rate, for example whole governing body training.

Larger courses with more participants will be charged pro rata.